Welcome to the Grave, update 1

As promised, I have an excerpt from Welcome to the Grave. But, first, I wanted to give a bit of background to what any of this is about. So far, it’s about a company of reapers. This corporate job of reaping has just about the same prestige and sex appeal as the ad men of the 50’s (at least, I hope it does). This is the fourth draft, so while there is still some work ahead of me, I wanted to put something out there. I gave a bit of a background about where the main character works, but it’s all still in the works regarding the overarching plot and sub-characters. This is also a new style of writing for me since I normally delve into detailed prose and heavy themes. But, I’m trying my hand at something more satirical.

“The theories surrounding The Company© varied from a bad hand at poker to an I-owe-you left over from the 14th century, because God was not one for commercial investments. Apparently, the frivolous and poorly executed calling of converting sinners was not enough of a for-profit job to occupy the amount of creatures working for the Big Guy Downstairs. They had to come up with something to keep them occupied or else things like Rocky II and Jackass would continue happening. The company existed off the backs of workers like Abelard, who didn’t know they were getting a bad deal until the moment they wrote their name on the dotted line.”

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