A small portfolio of simple drawings of simple things



I keep thinking to myself that I need to upload some of my artwork, because I have a ton of it stored away in closets around the house, and half of it is hanging on the walls in various rooms. Most of these pieces I did for my AP Drawing portfolio during my senior year at the Liberal Arts and Science Academy. I can’t remember exactly what I named my concentration, but I know it was something along the lines of Nightmares because I thought that would give me a lot of room to work with. The best and worst part about submitting a portfolio is naming all the pieces something accurate to what is presented to the judges while also maintaining a certain amount of professionalism and the tiniest hint of bullshit. Instead of renaming all of these I thought it would be more fun if I named them after reactions people had/things that I distinctly remember people telling me about each of them.

– M