About Me

me in purpleYou’re probably wondering, why? Why would she name this Welcome to the Grave, because that’s inexplicably dark. You might even spit it out as you repeat it to yourself over and over again – which is totally okay. I get it. But while this is a place for me to post my writing, this is also a motivational tool. I’ve started this ridiculous project of writing a book. It’s hard and irritating but I’ve been wanting this since I was little, so I’m doing it. While I’ll post art, reviews, rants, and other unrelated work or shorts, the main function of this is for me to post excerpts from the said book. The title is the name of the URL. So, I’ve made a contract with myself to post weekly at least an excerpt from ten new pages.

If none of the above was actually on your mind, then awesome. I like how you don’t question these things. I like how you genuinely wanted to know who I am. That’s flattering. I’m a student at Rhodes College, a tiny little place in the heart of Memphis with a small faculty that I love and an even smaller student population that can rub you the wrong way if you aren’t into pastel shorts. I’m majoring in English Literature and Creative Writing. When I’m not at a coffee-shop binging on bagels and strawberry cream cheese, you can find me arguing at frat parties, yelling passionately about books/television/movies, or getting way too competitive while playing board games.