Called Out

But, why?
I don’t know! That’s the problem.
So, you have absolutely no idea, whatsoever. No inkling, no spark, nothing.
Nothing, exactly. It’s blank in there. 

This was saved in a previous draft from before summer school started, and then…real school (not like summer school isn’t any less “real,” but I’m sure you understand what I’m trying to get at here). But, yes. Essentially, I fell off the updating wagon because I was busy trying to ensure my future maintained somewhat intact by going to school, nannying, applying for jobs, the works. Anyway, I have two stories, well, I definitely have at least one, I might end up editing the other again because I’m not completely happy with it (but am I ever with anything I write?). So, shall I kick off the end of the year with something a bit complicated? Why not.


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